Great Free Resources For Small Business Owners

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Great Free Resources For Small Business Owners

The internet can be a rabbit hole of sorts. As a small business owner especially, you start out searching for one idea and then find yourself spiraling through hundreds of sites and sources. Odds are, you don't have the time for this as you are focused on, well, running your company. So, we've put together a guide on some of the best free resources out there for entrepreneurs—hopefully, this will help lessen your scrolling time!

The following list of online sources encompasses everything from commercial loan trends to marketing developments, to HR issues and beyond…


This is a popular online magazine that features articles on marketing, technology, and management among other hot topics. The term noobpreneur refers to newbie entrepreneurs and so definitely one to check out, especially if you're just getting started.

Small Biz Answers

This one is a Twitter feed that provides daily updates regarding pertinent articles related to small business. The goal is to offer links to pieces that are of use and consequently teach business owners how to do certain things.

Business 2 Community

A site devoted to small business news and trends, this platform is all about providing the latest, most up to date information that can be found online. They currently have roughly 10k contributors and so their reach is pretty expansive.

A mix of serious articles on topics ranging from business management to tax issues, along with humor and even cartoons, Small Business Trends has been a boon to many a business owner. Plus, they have a downloadable digital magazine.


We know that most business owners dread anything tax-related. Especially when it comes to sales tax, compliance can be tricky at times. TaxJar's blog can be incredibly helpful as far as tax news, tips, and other such issues.

Small Business Bonfire

This is an online community out of Pennsylvania that offers weekly newsletters, blog posts and more general insights into topics such as finance, marketing, employee management—among other relevant subjects. They also focus on startups and those who work out of their homes.

Practical eCommerce

If it's about eCommerce this site probably covers it…Beyond comprehensive articles, they also offer webinars and newsletters to give eCommerce owners some guidance and direction. And they keep you up to date with all the current trends.

Shopify Blog

Another eCommerce focused platform, the Shopify Blog provides a ton of information regarding anything you want to know on this topic. They also have extremely helpful guides and how-tos. You can even get help on this site by actually starting an eCommerce business. A definite must-visit for anyone interested in this market.

New York Times: Entrepreneurship & Your Taxes

Many people read the NY Times of course, but there is a special section dedicated to Entrepreneurship and Your Taxes. They cover small business tax law, credit scores, among other relevant issues. The section also has features showcasing entrepreneurs from around the world talking about their inspirational stories.


HR blogs and forums are growing at a rapid pace. HRMorning caters to those who have the backs of the world's employees out there. Offering guidance as to the latest rules and regulations, along with in-depth articles, and hot topics, the site is a font of information which should be helpful to anyone in the human resources field.


Everything social media related and digital can be found on NewsWhip. This platform tracks what is most trending by analyzing posts and tweets etc. They are best known for starting Spike. Their blog contains a ton of information on content marketing and the latest developments therein.

Social Media Examiner

This happens to represent the largest digital social media mag in the world. There are articles on essentially everything you could want to know about social media-related issues. There is also a wide selection of podcasts and links to various networking sites. They have their regular podcast show as well.

This list is certainly not exhaustive. There are so many helpful and informative sites and other such platforms out there to help small business owners navigate their way. Spend some time, do a little research and you may be surprised at the invaluable resources you do turn up.

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