Credit Card Processing

New Rules. New Solution

Accept credit cards at 0% cost. Achieve 100% compliance, security and chargeback protection!

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Enable customers to pay seamlessly and securely on your website, office or mobile phone as well as many other solutions.

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Card Not Present

Enter payments in seconds from your web browser, no matter where you or your customers are.

Set up and manage recurring payments and have seamless access to all of your processing reports all in one place via your portal.

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In Person

Get everything you need and keep 100% of your sale.

With mobile solutions, 5G enabled card readers and top of the line touchless card readers, you can provide payment options for all your clients and let them know you care with touchless readers.

Furthermore, protect yourself against chargebacks by being able to capture card swipes and readers on all of your transactions.

Most business owners don't know they are being overcharged. Are you?

Are you constantly inundated by salespeople trying to sell you on credit card processing? They promise the lowest rates. When you switch over, you end up feeling misled and let down.

Quickly find out if you are being overcharged by your credit card processor. Grab your most recent processing statement, enter your total monthly sales and then total fees right into our calculator and see what your real cost is.

Your Current Credit Card Rate Percentage is:

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