Workplace Trends to Watch For

By: First Union


Workplace Trends to Watch For

As we roll into 2020, we are seeing some definite shifts as far as how the workplace is defined, how it operates and how colleagues come to interact even. The trends we are seeing certainly give us a great deal of hope for the more positive direction in which the otherwise traditional workplace environment seems to be heading. Below are a few of those key trends that we think are going to shake things up very shortly.


Gone are the days of 9 to 5. The array of technology we have at our disposal has made telecommuting and working from home very real options for so many across the world. Establishing that worklife balance is becoming ever so easier as employees are given more flexibility; they are increasingly able to set their hours and complete projects at their own pace.


Because things are so digitally driven, we are seeing more of a focus on slowing down and unplugging from time to time. Helping personnel to avoid burn out and thus promoting balance is becoming a priority for numerous business owners. They get that it's not all about hustling all the time, but rather finding that harmonious in-between that enables employees to approach their jobs refreshed and invigorated.


Diversity in the workplace is of critical importance as we enter the next decade. The more people representing you at the table, the more successful your company is apt to be in the coming years. Diversity promotes a dynamic exchange of ideas. It enables you to be more productive by way of fostering truly meaningful and relevant collaborations.


Employees are demanding to do more meaningful work, that has a specific purpose. Shifting away from the information economy, today's workplace is about assigning jobs and tasks that are relevant and that do point toward results that have significance.

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