Entry Level Promotions Encourage Workplace Inequality

By: First Union


Entry Level Promotions Encourage Workplace Inequality

We've all heard of the glass ceiling and its subsequent effect on women's roles within the workplace. A term many may not be quite as familiar with however and that which can be just as consequential when it comes to the workplace gender gap is "broken rung."

Yes, women in recent years have made significant strides. The number of women in leadership roles is up 15% from just three years ago. And yet, there is still quite a long way to go for women to "catch up" to their male counterparts in those same leadership positions.

A 2019 report suggests that the gender gap becomes glaringly apparent almost immediately. That is to say, there is a definite lack when it comes to women being promoted to entry-level management roles. That first step to manager is effectively "broken" for women; whereas, for men, the rung seems to be well intact.

When they do reach that entry-level management position, women tend to stall there. The gap widens the further up the ladder you go and thus women are put in a position where they can't possibly catch up.

So what can be done, what steps can be taken to try and rectify this broken rung issue? For one, diversity needs to be made a priority within a company's culture. When hiring for those management positions, women should account for at least two or more of the candidates being considered.

It is also time for women to become more vocal self-advocates as far as that first level management position goes. They also need to tap those who are supervising them, who have seen the quality work of which they are capable and ask that person to speak up on their behalf. A woman cannot be timid about expressing her ambition for fear that she will be labeled adversely. Women fighting for those entry-level management positions need to be more forthcoming, make their desires known and not be afraid to address seeming bias in the workplace.

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