5 Successful Work Environments

By: First Union


5 Successful Work Environments

Typically speaking, the successful work environment is one in which the employees seem enthusiastic and motivated, one in which productivity reigns supreme, and the overall ambiance of the space makes people feel good. There's no one factor that helps create a successful work environment, rather a multitude of things go into making a workspace beneficial to those who perform their jobs in it. Below are a few of the best types of office climates that do help to lead companies down paths of success.

1. The questioning environment

Questions are good. Employees should feel encouraged to ask questions as this is often what leads to the best types of discussion. Consequently, in questioning and then having an open dialogue, no one in this type of environment feels judged or criticized for their opinions.

2. The individual-oriented environment

This type of office environment prizes individuality so much so that it allows employees to create their own working styles and patterns. Even if working from home is involved and it doesn't obstruct the flow of productivity, then this is encouraged in an individual-oriented environment.

3. An environment without walls

Gone are the cubicles (and any enclosed spaces/). In a wall-less environment, teamwork is thoroughly encouraged. Employees have greater ease of communication with one another. Cooperation and collaboration run rampant.

4. The honest feedback environment

Feedback is key to improvement—at all levels of a company. If an employee needs some guidance and direction, they are given it, openly and honestly. The same goes for the boss. There is a vibe of trust that can be felt throughout this type of workplace.

5. The unifying environment

Yes, personnel are individuals, but they are also a cohesive team, and in a unifying environment the word team is key. Employees work harmoniously together and still are individuals who are accountable for their roles.

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