Boost Your Workplace Productivity

By: First Union


Boost Your Workplace Productivity

Are your employees doing a lot of standing around, slogging through paperwork, fighting with technology, getting mired down in unproductive meetings? All of these things are taking away from the time they could otherwise be spent actually getting things done, attending to critical projects and dealing with any customer issues that might arise.

Workplace productivity is incredibly important—especially if you're a smaller business and a newer one as well. You want your staff on top of things, not bogged down with tasks that offer no measurable results or meaningful actions. Below are four ways you might be able to boost your company's overall workplace productivity.

  1. Know Employees' Skillsets. Matching the task to the skillset is critical if you want to ensure that projects are done right. If for instance, you have a tremendous "people person," assigning him/her to work with customers is probably going to be the smart move, versus putting a more introverted personality in this position.

  2. Streamline Communication Systems. Did you know that email communications are among the slowest and take valuable time away from other tasks that could be getting done? Implementing communication platforms such as Slack, for instance, might help you to seriously cut down on the amount of time you spend trying to communicate with someone.

  3. Reward Employees. People love to be recognized; they love to be told they're doing a good job. Offering incentives for getting jobs done and doing so on time could be a huge boon to your workplace productivity.

  4. Offer Employee Education Programs. Many companies will cut training programs in the interest of budgetary concerns—this is perhaps the worst thing you can do. They need the foundational skills necessary to do their jobs. Providing training and development will also foster a culture of learning and in turn encourage your employees to want to succeed and grow.

We would love to help you implement any sort of workplace productivity enhancement strategy you might have in mind. With short term loans and lines of credit, we can work with you to establish a more robust training program or an employee reward plan. Call today and let's get started!

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