Some Tasks Your Small Business Should be Automating

By: First Union


Some Tasks Your Small Business Should be Automating

Small business owners can get busy—and that's an understatement. Often you wear multiple hats, and this is why being able to delegate some of your tasks is so critical when it comes to keeping things running smoothly. While handing responsibilities off to employees is necessary at certain points, there are more and more things that you can now automate…making it easier yet!

Marketing tasks

There are quite a few jobs that you can now automate by way of your marketing efforts. For one, your social media. Using tools such as HootSuite, you have the capability of scheduling and then posting to multiple platforms throughout the week. Additionally, there are tools that you can get which will enable you to schedule blog posts ahead as well. As far as your analytics and website tracking, Google will send you a report once a week and this, in turn, lets you keep track of vital data regarding your site's traffic.

Customer Support tasks

There are now help desk tickets that can be created. Thereby allowing your team members to know when customer inquiries/concerns came in and in what order. You might also look into automated email responses. While often personalized replies are better, sometimes you will get repeat questions and so having some automated answers ready to go can certainly help save time.

Financial tasks

One of the truly great tools available for financial tasks is the automated invoice reminder. Often, we lose track if a payment is late. Automation tools now let you stay up to date and on top of it. Bill paying is another task that you should look into by way of automating. You can coordinate this with your bank, and thus you're not worrying about when something is due.

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