How to Recruit Holistic Healers for Your Health Center

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How to Recruit Holistic Healers for Your Health Center

Are you looking to add holistic medicine to your healthcare practice or center? Do you want your center to focus more on the whole person and how they interact with their environment? Would you like your center to incorporate the emphasis on the connection of the mind, body, and spirit? If you find yourself wanting to expand more into holistic medicine, you will need to target the type of practitioners aimed toward your center's goal.

Holistic medicine, though around for thousands of years, is an ever-growing industry that can bring those who like to take a natural approach to health to those who provide medicinal solutions.

Know What Type of Healers You Want to Hire

You have decided to expand. You know you want to expand in holistic areas, and most likely know which types. Maybe you're adding acupuncture to your psychiatric practice, or massage therapy to your chiropractic center. Or maybe you're adding mediation services to your oncology practice. No matter what you're adding, you will need to know the type of contributor you want to bring to your center. This person will be considered the professional at your company that will need to answer all of their patient's questions, and their patients are your patients.

Ensure you have done your due diligence with educating yourself before recruiting because you need to know the basics of the practice and the type of energy you want to be brought into your health center. Know the level of practice and experience you want to provide your patients. Know the goals and visions for the future that you want to align with your practice, along with the type of environment you want to cultivate.

Knowing what you want will help you weed through all of the applications and help you find your center's perfect fit.

Share Your Health Center's Vision

When recruiting holistic healers for your health center, make sure you share your center's vision. Holistic healers are in-tune with energies at all levels, whether it be personal, environmental, or energy-driven. You want to make sure they align with your center and can contribute to your vision.

A couple of ways to share your center's vision, other than through your company description on the job posting, are:

  • Your center's website
  • All marketing materials created for your center
  • Any company description across the internet
  • Social media
  • Community involvement
  • Word of mouth

Make sure you're clear with your vision, so it's easy to understand. If your center's vision is to provide a holistic view of your patient's health, then tell your customers and those looking to work with you. Holistic healers want to connect with the environments and vision their centers drive toward, and it's important to scream your vision from the rooftops when recruiting holistic medicine practitioners.

Connect with Your Candidates

When recruiting holistic healers, you will find that each candidate will give off different energies and vibrations. They will feel the same way toward you. Take the time to get to know your candidates, professionally, of course. If you want someone to work for you, you need to sell yourself as someone they would want to be around.

Ask a candidate not only about their experience but why they got into holistic healing. Ask what types of environments they have been most prosperous in. Ask what they're ultimate goal is with being a holistic healer and where they see themselves within your health center. Ask about their favorite services to provide, so you can get an idea of what brings them happiness.

Connecting is the first step to bringing a new holistic healer to your health center.

Make Sure Your Center Has What a Holistic Healer Needs to Do Their Job

Looking to bring in a massage therapist? Make sure you have the right tables and tools, so they can do their jobs. Looking to bring in an acupuncturist? Make sure you have all of the needles, oils, and materials they need.

It's one thing to bring in a new hire, but when bringing in a new type of new hire, you need to make sure you can accommodate their practice needs. Make sure you can give them the stress-free environment they need to help your patients work toward living a healthier life. Ask them what they need and if any modifications should be made to your facilities or available materials that could help improve their practice.

Provide Competitive Benefits

It's one thing to provide a great environment to work in, but the most successful employers provide benefits that are appreciated and supportive of an employee's out-of-work life. If you want to recruit the best holistic healers, you will need to provide great benefits.

Think about what you can afford to bring to your employee's benefits package. Small additions, such as pre-tax investment matching, better health insurance, or even a monthly meal on the company can go a long way.

Stay Open to Feedback

To recruit, hire, and retain holistic healers, it's always important to stay open to feedback. Holistic healers will be more in-tune with what is needed for their practice. If they suggest providing longer appointment times, accommodate their request. If they need upgraded or different tools and materials to perform their jobs, try to make the purchases within reason.

By staying open to feedback, you create a comfortable work environment for your holistic healers, while also making yourself a sounding board for any feedback, which can include ways to improve your practice. You may also find your healer(s/) bringing more business with the network they have attached to their healing.

No matter what you do, make sure you find someone who connects with the vision of your health center because they are an extension of your practice and a representation of the holistic part of your center. Take your time and find the right fit, so you can build a successful holistic center within your health center.

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