Does Repetitive Music Have an Impact in the Workplace?

By: First Union


Does Repetitive Music Have an Impact in the Workplace?

For those workers in retail as well as the food and beverage industry, they are often subject to the same musical loop and/or soundtrack over and over again throughout a day—and sometimes even beyond that. And while there may not be years of research and mountains of studies done on what type of effect this type of repetition has on employees, it seems pretty safe to say that when a person is subjected to the same songs nonstop, the impact is probably going to be a negative one.

Many have studied the overall effects of music on mood in general, and what they've come to discover is that beyond just repeating music having a deleterious impact, it is also the fact that someone else has assumed control over the listening environment that can cause a significant dip in mood. It makes sense of course. You are essentially at the mercy of someone else's audio preferences and particularly if you don't happen to like their taste when it comes to music, odds are, resentment is going to factor into the equation.

Researchers who have specifically looked at the effects of music in terms of the workplace environment suggest that employers and employees openly discuss song choice and potentially have a rotating list that caters to a multitude of musical preferences. Others also say to simply integrate a much longer playlist and thereby avoid that repetition that can bother so many and cause your workers to lose a little bit of their sanity. This is one workplace "problem" that you can have some fun with when searching for the solution.

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