5 Ways to Save Energy At Your Restaurant

By: First Union


5 Ways to Save Energy At Your Restaurant

As a busy restaurant owner, you daily face multiple challenges, tasks and play numerous roles, you probably don't necessarily think about how to become more energy efficient. And yet, energy efficiency can be a huge cost saving as far as your bottom line is concerned, not to mention, you're helping protect the planet. The changes and adjustments you make don't have to be major either; you'd be surprised at how smaller changes can help improve the way in which you use energy at your restaurant.

Audit your energy use. There are plenty of local firms around that will offer free energy assessments and thus be able to help you pinpoint weaknesses and areas of improvement. Many will provide you with a comprehensive report and also offer you a service as far as implementing needed changes.

Unplug when not in use. You would be amazed at how something as simple as unplugging equipment and displays when not in use can cut down on energy consumption.

Regularly maintain your HVAC. Dirty filters generally cause systems to labor more intensely than they should. Replacing air filters as well as performing general maintenance on a regular basis will help keep your HVAC equipment running optimally.

Update old kitchen equipment. Cooking technology, like everything else, evolves. Newer equipment is faster and more efficient. So if you are working with outdated kitchen equipment it may be time to think about an upgrade.

Replace older light bulbs with LEDs. LED bulbs can last quite a lot longer than traditional light bulbs. Many don't realize how much they can truly save when switching to LEDs.

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