Using WiFi To Amp Up Your Marketing

By: First Union


Using WiFi To Amp Up Your Marketing

Offering free WiFi is one way that you can boost your marketing efforts. How? Of course, the fact that you're providing a free connection is of huge value to your customers in and of itself. However, there are ways to leverage the WiFi and ultimately use it as a dynamic marketing tool for your business.

Below are three ways that you can make more effective use of free WiFi to build stronger relationships with current and prospective customers.

Make that landing page count

That initial WiFi landing page should be one of value. In other words, use it as far more than just a sign-in page. This could very well be the first thing a customer sees in terms of your company's digital presence—make it count! At the very least include info on the business; you might also use this landing page as a way to gather information regarding the user, you can promote special offers, even use it to link to your social media or your website proper. Certainly, don't overdo it especially in terms of asking for their information as this might turn some off, but do take advantage of this initial interaction.

Start building a customer database

As you do begin to collect customer data on this landing page, you also then want to make optimal use of said data. Meaning, if the information is just sitting there and not being utilized for anything then it has little to no value. In this capacity, you might start an email newsletter list. You can also reach out to those who opt-in when you are running special promotions. Check to see if there are gaps in the data you do have as far as missing email addresses or phone numbers. If you note such absences, then try and fill in the blanks.

Learn about your customers

Simply by analyzing the data and patterns as gathered from this landing page activity, you get a clearer picture of what type of traffic you have, who's coming into your business, and how many are walking by. Also, review new versus repeat users and thus gain insight into how well you're doing when it comes to transforming users into return customers.

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