Promotional Ideas for Your Restaurant This Summer

By: First Union


Promotional Ideas for Your Restaurant This Summer

Summer is just about here. Warmer weather, plenty of sun, more people active, and looking for things to do. Frequenting restaurants is one of the more popular summer activities for many. Are you ready for the summer rush? Is your restaurant prepared to put its best foot forward and attract clientele? Keep reading for some promo ideas that could help your restaurant boost its bottom line this summer.

Look to Local Events

While perhaps there may be fewer such events this summer, that doesn't mean that opportunity doesn't still exist for you to try and leverage those community events that are taking place. Think about it, the marketing is already being done—so this expense is minimal for you. Not to mention, you expand your reach to people who may never have been to your establishment before.

Know Any Celebrities?

Even local celebrities can often be a big draw. Depending on their particular celebrity status, they may be a bit expensive to get; however, if you tie the event in with a charity, the celebrity in question may do it in exchange for you donating a portion of the money raised to his/her favorite cause.

Holiday Festivities

Summer offers plenty of opportunities for holiday fun. The Fourth of July of course being the most celebrated. Is there a promotion you can establish around the 4th? How do your customers like to celebrate—what might you thus do to appeal to their sense of summer fun? Whatever you decide, make sure to widely publicize it on your social media channels.

Loyalty Offerings

People certainly do enjoy free stuff. What can you potentially offer by way of a loyalty program that will keep diners coming back for more? For instance, give them a card that gets punched with every specialty drink they buy; after the ninth, the tenth is free. Or you could look into restaurant loyalty technology that is now widely available and helps keep things streamlined for patrons.

Strategic Discounting

You don't necessarily have to give away big-ticket items. Discounting things such as sides, drinks and snacks will get people in the door, and from that point, they are bound to order beyond just what is being featured by way of a promo.

Down Time

During the slower days or even weeks for that matter, it's a good idea to run a promotion. You know you're probably not going to have that many customers anyway, so when your restaurant may otherwise be empty, why not discount certain dinners/items and try and entice patrons to come on in.

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