What To Post On Social Media 2021

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What To Post On Social Media 2021

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Social media can be a great way to market your brand and stay connected to your clients. Depending on the platform you can have some fun and show your more creative side, or keep it strictly professional. Keeping up with your posting can sometimes be difficult if you run out of ideas, so if you've been posting for a while and need some fresh content check out these ideas.

Here we will focus on 4 social media platforms: Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Each platform can have its spin, but should overall be a representation of your brand.


Linkedin should be where your posts are most professional. The platform is meant for professional connections and business updates. That doesn't mean that you have to post like a robot on Linkedin, you can still be true to your brand and stay professional, here are some ideas:

  • Post a company update: If you are debuting a new product, moving locations, or making a new logo, Linkedin is the place to show some pictures and updates!
  • Answer some FAQs: you can make a video, photo, or text post answering some frequently asked questions about your industry.
  • An Event: If you have recently attended a business event such as a conference and learned something new, Linkedin is a great place to share this information.

These ideas will help you stand out on Linkedin and show the human side of your brand while keeping true to the platform. Keep in mind, engagement on your posts is a big goal, so you want to post something that can be a conversation starter. Encourage people to like and comment and start some discussions, it's a great way to meet new connections and be seen.


Facebook is less casual than Linkedin, and you can have a little more fun with your company page. Facebook is a great space for bright and colorful photos, but if you are not selling a product that can be photographed, or are a B2B operation, there are plenty of ideas to keep your Facebook page engaged and exciting. Facebook is a great place to go live and speak directly to your audience.

  • Interview a team member: Do you have a fantastic tech master on your team? A first-class salesperson? Take the opportunity to interview them and find out what makes them so great. You can share this with your audience through a Q&A post, or even a video of the two of you having a conversation. Make full use of the talent on your team and give your audience some great tips.
  • Go behind the scenes: Do you have a beautiful office space that you want to show off? Are your team meetings the highlight of the week? Take a camera behind the scenes and share some of the magic with your fans.
  • Comment on industry news: Is something exciting happening in your industry? SHow that you are an expert at your craft by keeping up with industry news and updating your audience on it. This can position you as an industry expert and bring even more credibility to you and your brand.

Whether you turn these ideas into a text-based post, or pick up the camera and shoot a video, you can make these ideas work for you. You can start discussions with your base by making polls and interacting!


Instagram is an up and coming platform for businesses that's a favorite among millennials and is positioned to grow even more over the next years. This platform is slightly different because you need a photo to accompany every post. But, that doesn't mean it has to be all about photos, there is room to be creative on Instagram, even brands that don't have a physical product to photograph can be successful on Instagram. Branch out from just posting photos of your products and try some of these new ideas:

  • Share your brand history: pick a photo from the beginning of your brand, whether it's the first try at your packaging, or your skeleton crew celebrating your first big order. Share this throwback and humanize your company. You can accompany it with a long caption about the photo and share your history.
  • Product reviews: You can post a photo of a customer using your product and accompany it with their review when people see others using your product they are more inclined to purchase.
  • A how-to: Turn the camera on yourself and shoot a how-to video of something you do every day. Instagram can support shorter videos and it's a great way to break up your feed and bring something useful to your audience.

With Instagram, you can be even more casual and show off your brand. Take advantage of this platform and don’t be scared of the limited posting options, there's a lot you can do with it.


Twitter is another platform that seems a little limited, it's just short sentences, right? Wrong! There's so much you can do with those 180 characters, and a whole new audience to be reached. You want to be accessible on every platform so take some of these ideas and Tweet away:

  • Quotes: People love Twitter quotes, but make sure to keep them relevant to your brand and industry.
  • Make a meme: Yes! You can post photos on Twitter. And with this super-casual platform, it's a great place to show your funny side and make a meme.
  • Interact: Twitter is a great place for your brand to interact with other brands. Comment on others Tweets and updates and build your reputation and connections! People love a casual and fun branded Twitter.

Social media is a wonderful place to develop your brand. If you want to invest in your social media presence but aren't sure where to start, try experimenting with some of these ideas. Spend some time on the platform yourself to get the feel for it before you make your first post because each platform has its own set of etiquette. The number one way to be successful on social media with your brand is to think outside of the box, so get creative! If running your own branded social media accounts does not interest you, maybe it's time to invest in someone to do it for you. Hire a social media specialist with funding from First Union Lending, click here or call 863-825-5626 to get started.

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