Massachusetts Small Business Loans

Massachusetts Small Business Loans

Massachusetts certainly has a lot going for it. If you live and work in the state, then your prospects look pretty good. A few facts to consider: According to a Forbes study, Massachusetts has the fourth highest quality of life in the country. Not to mention when it comes to the talent pool in Massachusetts, the state is ranked number five as far as having a dynamic labor supply.

The main industries in the state of Massachusetts include fishing, mining, and manufacturing, which creates a fairly robust business climate, especially for those associated with such specialties. We've worked with numerous Massachusetts based businesses, and with all such clients, we see in them a desire to grow and to contribute to the forward progress that Massachusetts continues to make.

When You Need Financing For Your Massachusetts Business

If you've tried traditional banks and come up empty, then we are here to help. The problem with many such lenders is that often their hands are tied and because of more stringent regulations, they must insist on higher credit scores and more time in business before they can even look at your application. Whether you are in Massachusetts or pretty much any state for that matter, you will run into roadblocks like this time and time again.

This is where we are different—very different! First Union believes in smaller Massachusetts companies; we understand that they are a huge part of why the state has such a good economic outlook. With lines of credit, merchant cash advances, and short term loan programs, we can help you get the cash you need exactly when you need it—not weeks or even months from now. Some get small business funding in as little as two days. This is what we do!

Wherever in Massachusetts, You're Located, We Have a Program for You

We work throughout the state, encompassing just about every city and town in Massachusetts:

  • Boston
  • Cape Cod
  • Cambridge
  • Springfield
  • Worcester
  • Plymouth
  • Salem
  • Quincy
  • And all the rest… call today!

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