Indiana Small Business Funding

Indiana Small Business Funding

When it comes to the states with the best business climates, Indiana ranks right up there in the top ten. Not to mention, they were rated superior when it came to factors such as workforce skills, transportation infrastructure, higher education as well as development incentives. All told, this makes for a very promising outlook for Indiana's future.

At First Union, we've worked with many Indiana based businesses. We've assisted manufacturing companies, restaurants, retailers and construction companies in the state of Indiana. What we see common to many is the determination to ensure that their small business thrives and grows. With our funding programs, we've been able to help area Indiana companies hire more employees, buy newer equipment, even expand into new office space. And this is absolutely key to solidifying the success of any small business, Indiana based or otherwise.

When Your Indiana Company Needs Funds Fast

It's not just about getting small businesses the money needed for their projects either, it's about getting it to them when they need it. The average Indiana bank wait time is anywhere from 1 to 3 months, and even then, you are not guaranteed a favorable decision. In fact, as banks are coming to demand higher credit scores, more cash down and more collateral, they are making it almost impossible to get small business loans in Indiana . We want to change that!

Our philosophy is simple: we look at the entire picture—not just a credit score. We consider your plans, where you've come from, and where you intend to take your Indiana company. We have programs ranging from 5k to 1 million and so we have the resources to help you with whatever project you might have in mind.

Our Job is To Help Indiana Companies Grow!

This is something in which we firmly believe. Wherever you're located, we're here to help. Call today!

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