How Customer Service Will Change in the Next Few Years

By: First Union


How Customer Service Will Change in the Next Few Years

As with anything, customer service evolves. The introduction of new technologies and new perspectives as far as how we interact with clients contribute to a redefined customer service approach. The key is to understand the trends and changes that are coming and to make sure your small business is aligned with the latest when it comes to a more relevant and comprehensive overall customer service plan.

It's all about social media

A recent study suggests that over 50% of Millennials and Gen-Zers use social media as it relates to customer service. As these generations get older, they will likely make social media-driven customer service efforts increasingly relevant. Your social platforms should thus absolutely be ready to engage, answer questions and interact with your customers. Someone needs to be in charge specifically of handling your customer service efforts to this end.

Integrating product demos

If someone can't find what they're looking for almost immediately on your site, they are likely to leave it in frustration. Having product demos and videos on-site will greatly help to increase a user's willingness to stick around. You can even integrate co-browsing tools and do shared screen demos. The point is, ensure that you make your productservice easy to find and offer the explanations and information people need to make their decision.

Mandatory customer service training for everyone

Customer services are going to apply to all company employees. Perhaps, for example, an engineer may not necessarily engage customers, however, they need to be prepared to. Everyone on your team should be versed on what customers are looking for, what their pain points are, and what you, in turn, provide to alleviate those.

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