How to Improve Your Approach to Customer Service

How to Improve Your Approach to Customer Service

Customer service has and always will be a key part of your business model. Understanding how to engage with customers, how to build loyalty, how to handle any issues that come up, really can make or break your company. A shoddy or complacent approach to customer service, you may as well hang the for sale sign on the door.

Especially today, people expect top-notch customer service, and given the variety of choices out there from online to brick and mortar, if they don't get what they expect, they're likely to go elsewhere. Below are some tips for improving your customer service game…

  • Be prompt. We live in the age of instantaneous. When customers ask questions or voice concerns, they want to be heard and responded to—ASAP. Lagging in response time could be seen as a sign of not caring. Thus, the more avenues you give yourself and your customers for communicating, the better.

  • Consider self-service options. Depending on the nature of your business, this could be a good solution. Retail, for example, is increasingly incorporating the use of self-checkouts. This way those who have less patience have another alternative.

  • Talk more to customers. This may seem a simple piece of advice and yet it's probably the most important one. You can't know what customers think of your company without talking to them. Train your employees to talk more. Take the time to engage your clientele.

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