Generating Leads Using Instagram

By: First Union


Generating Leads Using Instagram

If you are not using Instagram for your business, then you are potentially missing out on a dynamic way to engage and interact with over 150 million users. It's not just for posting pictures and liking your friends' posts—businesses have a real opportunity to generate viable leads utilizing Instagram. So what is the best way to go about doing this—keep reading to find out more?

First off, you need to identify who your ideal target lead is. And it's not about vague generalizations either; get specific. Think about their habits, their interests, what do they watch and/or listen to, where do they vacation even. The clearer picture you have of who your target lead is, the easier it'll be to find such people on Instagram.

Next step, make sure you have a consistent presence. In other words, your leads need to be able to distinguish that it is in fact you. This is where your branding most definitely comes into play. From the logo to your website, to your headshot to some degree, make sure there is cohesiveness across all marketing material.

Another key part of this…ensure that you have a compelling call to action. Once that target lead does find you, what do you want them to do? You can achieve this by first describing the value you bring to them. What problems can you help them with? And then integrate that call to action that makes them want to take the next step with your company. This could mean directing them to a landing page, getting their email, or having them click some other such link. Remember the sales funnel—use this in your Instagram lead generation strategy.

Once you get them deeper into the funnel, you will probably want to offer some sort of promotion. People love discounts and free stuff, or get creative and think of some other type of promotion you might advertise. The point is you need to convey that you are genuinely interested in helping them and bringing them something of value.

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