How Small Business Owners Can Outsmart the Instagram Algorithm

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How Small Business Owners Can Outsmart the Instagram Algorithm

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It’s been said that only about ten percent of followers are seeing your posts. This number is abysmally low, especially for a business trying to promote a new product or launch a new line. There are experts out there who vow that they can beat the system with hacks, but we wanted to take a look at how the Instagram algorithm works and consequently some things you can do to try and stay a step ahead.

What Instagram has said in regard to how their algorithm might work and subsequently how far your reach really is, is that it depends upon things such as how often you post, how timely a post may be, and how many other people your followers follow.

Recently Instagram refined their list to three key factors:

  • How recently you published a post
  • A user’s interest
  • How often you interact with certain users, as their posts tend to come up more often on your feed

Understanding this, what can you do to make Instagram work more effectively for you?

Posting consistently is one key thing you should be doing to ensure your posts come up more often for more of your audience. To be sure you get seen, it’s recommended that you post at least 1-2 times a day.

Also, when you do post, do so during a period when your followers are most active on the platform. Generally, this will be after business hours and right before/after meals.

Videos are huge with Instagram users, so don’t shy away from them. It’s not only that more people are uploading videos now, far more people are engaging with videos as well. Short-form videos make great content and can be a terrific promotional tool. We suggest sticking to no longer than 1 minute videos. And make them engaging—the more engagement you get as a result, the better your Instagram relationship is, the more often your posts will appear in your audience’s feeds.

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