Financing for Hawaii Small Businesses

Financing for Hawaii Small Businesses

If you live in Hawaii, beyond the tropical paradise aspect of it, you're actually in a great state for owning and running your own small business. With 92 billion in gross state product, Hawaii is poised to embrace new business and offer a friendly climate for existing companies. Beyond that, Hawaii has experienced measurable job growth over the past two years and with the burgeoning tourism industry, the state does have plenty of opportunities for startups looking to capitalize on Hawaii's popularity with people from all around the world.

From Maui to Oahu, living on one of the islands of Hawaii truly is a dream for many. At First Union, we'd love to help make your dream come true. With Hawaii business financing programs for all sized businesses, we can assist you when it comes to expanding your company, moving to a new location even purchasing updated technology. This is what we do!

Understanding Where to Find a Hawaii Business Loan

In any state, be it Hawaii or anywhere in the US really, it is getting increasingly difficult for small businesses to find loans. Either their FICO is too low, perhaps they haven't been in operation long enough, or maybe their revenue isn't where it needs to be for Hawaii banks. This is where an alternative lender can be a tremendous resource. We specialize in helping where banks fail to.

It is not about a single score or a profit and loss sheet—it is the entire picture that we're interested in when it comes to your Hawaii small business. Who are you, where are you planning to take the company and also, how far have you come? These are all questions we ask when qualifying you for a line of credit, merchant cash advance or short-term loan.

Wherever You Are in Hawaii, We Are There to Help

We work with regions throughout the state, to include:

  • Maui
  • Oahu
  • Hilo
  • Honolulu
  • Kailua
  • Lihue
  • And so many others... call today!

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