Can Offering Wellness Perks Help Keep Employees Happy?

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Can Offering Wellness Perks Help Keep Employees Happy?

Competition for talent is fierce, as such employers are having to come up with new and inventive ways to try and keep their employees happy and onboard. More and more companies have been offering wellness perks to this end, such that may include gym memberships, money toward classes, even in house health coaching has become one of the latest trends to be seen in the workplace. As a result, employees nationwide seem to be responding.

One of the primary reasons why we are seeing this practice pop up at more offices is because employers do realize how hard their team works, how many hours they put into their jobs. Eager to avoid burnout and genuinely wanting to care for employees, the employer instituted wellness programs that are truly gaining traction.

Wellness perks which might also include massages, spa days, help with quitting smoking, you name it, are also doing a great deal in terms of lifting spirits, staving off anxiety and depression as well as adding that motivation factor.

It is critical however that if implementing such a program, employers carefully tread that line between being bossy in regard to their employees' health and behavior and authentically striving to cultivate an atmosphere that fosters compassion and well being. You simply can't force someone to eat healthier or exercise more for instance; in this type of situation, you're bound to get some pushback. Whereas by making opportunities and resources available to them, you are providing staff with the means to make positive adjustments if they so choose.

Some owners have discovered that funding such wellness perks programs can get a bit costly. So they are getting creative about it. One such restaurant, for example, has added a 3% surcharge to diners' bills for health and mental insurance.

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