A Few Tips for Enhancing On-Page SEO

A Few Tips for Enhancing On-Page SEO

SEO is not just about scattering keywords throughout your website and calling it a day. Instead, effective SEO is about addressing each page of your site. Thereby getting better performance out of those pages and consequently, the site as a whole. So as you revisit your company website, you want to start thinking about some of the things that need to be tweaked, changed or added to optimize each page.

Check the URLs

Keywords should most definitely appear in each page URL. The URLs should also be kept rather short. So for instance, a product page might have the name of a product you sell. The contact page should have the word contact in the URL.

Pay Attention to Titles

With this one, we're not simply talking about a headline. This is the actual title that is factored into the search engine ranking process. When people search for keywords on Google, the title is what appears in blue. Therefore, it should identify what the page contains along with relevant keywords.

Don't Forget to Add a Description

Underneath the blue link that pops up on Google which contains the page title, is the page description. This provides even more information regarding page content and should likewise have keywords. The description should also entice people to visit your site so that they do click on the associated link.

Add SEO Elements to Images

You want to include images, and you also want to be sure that you title such images relevant to SEO practices. The title should contain a keyword as well as a location that is linked to your business or an area upon which you're focusing. As Google searches through your pages, they will also be looking through the images and subsequently the words connected to the photos/graphics.

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