Does Word of Mouth Marketing Work?

Does Word of Mouth Marketing Work?

First off, let's define this particular marketing strategy. At its heart, word of mouth marketing (WOMM/) is about creating a buzz around your product or service. It's not paid to advertise and it might not even be deliberate; rather, it hinges on customer experience or some event about which people talk, and then hopefully, spread the word to others. This is a hugely important strategy as a: it's free b: you can generate a lot of publicity quickly (especially in this social media day and age/) and c: people tend to trust WOMM more so than a paid ad.

So what are some of the things you can do to help boost your word of mouth marketing efforts? Great question! Here are a few tips for energizing your WOMM potential.

  • Find a way to get user-generated content. Again, there is a trust factor here. From reviews to videos of customers actually using the product, to shout-out tweets, consumers trust other consumers more so than they do the company trying to sell their serviceproduct. It just makes sense. Offer incentives for such content, feature it on your social media pages, anything you can do to help generate that sense of trust and thus spur that word of mouth marketing.

  • Try and connect with influencers. You know, those YouTube and Instagram star with tens of thousands if not millions of followers. People trust them—they look to them for guidance regarding what clothes to buy, what restaurants to eat at, how to apply makeup—literally anything and everything. You might try offering such influencers your product for free and see how they respond.

  • Build a community. One of the best ways to integrate a WOMM strategy is to start fostering a community via your social media networks. What is unique about your company and consequently why might people want to follow/like you? Ask yourself these questions. Start there and build!

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