Which Management System is Best for My Call Center?

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Which Management System is Best for My Call Center?

How do I organize all of my supporting documentation for my call center? Where can I house all of my help documentation for my Customer Support team? What should I look for when purchasing a knowledge management system for my call center? What are the benefits of implementing knowledge management or content management system for my call center?

It is true when they say that knowledge is power. It is essential that your call center employees can easily access all necessary content and resources, so they can effectively do their jobs. Figuring out which solution to use for knowledge and content management can be an exhaustive task - but one that will have great returns shortly. Knowledge management systems refer to any kind of information technology system that stores and retrieves knowledge locates knowledge sources, improves collaboration and communication, stores repositories of hidden knowledge, captures knowledge, applies knowledge, and enhances the overall knowledge management process.

The top benefits of implementing a knowledge management system are:

  • Better Customer Service: When all content and knowledge is stored in one location, with all eyes on the content, ensuring it is accurate and comprehensive, you naturally will provide a better customer service experience.
  • Employee Retention: When you provide your employees with all of the tools they need to do their job, they tend to be able to stay productive and happy!
  • Faster Call Resolution: When your employees can quickly locate information without asking others for help or thumbing through notes, you can provide a solution to callers more efficiently.
  • Departmental Collaboration: When all content and knowledge is stored in one location, it is easier to collaborate on keeping everything up to date. You're also less likely to have mistakes within your knowledge management system because all eyes are on all of the content. And sometimes, knowledge management systems can lead to inter-departmental collaboration - another bonus!
  • Save Time Creating Resources: When all resources are accessible from one location, you know whether or not you need to create something from scratch, or if you can just update what already exists.
  • Make More Informed Decisions: When you know what you have and you know where to find it, you can make more informed decisions on the fly. Knowledge management systems allow your employees to dive deeper into content if they needwant to.
  • Standardize Processes: When one system is used to store knowledge, it is easier to implement a standardized process on how content is created, edited, approved, and published. Additionally, a process can be standardized for how you figure out what information needs to be added to the knowledge management system.

What to Look for in a Knowledge Management System

It is important to conduct a full analysis of the knowledge assets you already have and the ones you will be creating. You also need to document the process your call center takes when answering calls, so you can properly layout the content in the system.

When looking for a knowledge management system, remember:

  • The fewer clicks to find information, the better.
  • To look for the ability to store larger documents or process diagrams as separate entities (not embedded within the system/).
  • To look for a system that doesn't take up the entire screen and is usable with the other systems open on your call center employee's computer.
  • To ask about the number of users that can use the system.
  • To ask about the implementation process, what is needed from you and the call center, and how long it will take.
  • To ask about the resources the knowledge management system's company can provide your call center, such as consultation, support, documentation, training videos, etc..
  • Get your employees excited about the change - it's a big deal but will make their lives easier!

Investment-Worthy Knowledge Management Systems to Consider

Keep in mind that the solution you go with is based on your approach. You may want a full knowledge management system, such as Panviva, you may want a document management system, such as GoogleDrive, chatbots, like Spoke, or a content management system, like SharePoint. Be open to all options within your budget, and be realistic about the resources you already have, what you will need to be created, and continual maintenance on these resources, so they are up-to-date with any changes your call center may support.

Take some time and consider these knowledge management systems, and take the time to see the options out there that are similar to those listed below.

  • Panviva
  • ZenDesk
  • SalesForce
  • Confluence
  • SharePoint
  • Spoke
  • Guru
  • Bloomfire
  • Zoho Desk
  • GoogleDrive
  • Happeo
  • DropBox

Tips to Improve the Content in Your Knowledge Management System

  1. Promote knowledge sharing across your organization, to single-source content.
  2. Use language and terminology your customers use when calling.
  3. Use a consistent writing style and voice. The simpler and clearer, the better.
  4. Crowdsource knowledge.
  5. When implementing, be clear about why this system is being implemented and be transparent across the organization of the shift.
  6. Make sure knowledge is being applied in the right areas and that all dots are connected, so solutions are easy to find.
  7. Run analytics within your knowledge management system, so you can see how and when your resources are used.
  8. Create knowledge owners to ensure documentation is updated regularly.
  9. Don't overload the system with too much information. Keep it simple and reduce resource duplicity and redundant content.
  10. Make sure any updates are communicated to the training department.

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