What exactly are micropreneurs?

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What exactly are micropreneurs?

Micropreneurs are the smallest of small business owners in a manner of speaking. With usually just a couple of employees, they generally specialize in one area and/or field. Micropreneurs have several traits that make them successful at what they do. Below are a few of those…

They Work Hard to Find Solutions

Because their operation is rather small, they often have to rely on themselves to get things done. Problem-solving seems to come naturally to micropreneurs. Certainly, they don't always do everything on their own, and that's the other thing, as their circle of employeespartners is also small, they are surrounded by trustworthy peers.

They Can See the Possibilities

They aren't afraid to look at things from alternative angles. And by the same token, they tend to dive right in as far as new ideas and experiences. You could say that they are wired to seek out exciting opportunities—perhaps even ones that have not yet been tested. And if it doesn't get off the ground, they usually pick themselves up and go after something else.

They Are Unique in Their Processes

No two micropreneurs are the same. In terms of how they get things done, how they run their business and how they interact with clients even, each tends to have their special spin. They venture into new territory and do it in their characteristic way.

They Can Work Both Alone and as a Team

They are not always isolated—and yet when they are, micropreneurs function fine. However, on the flip side, they are also quite good at working within a team dynamic. They generally tend to take the reins and help steer their team in the most productive direction and as such, make excellent leaders.

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