Minnesota Small Business Funding

Minnesota Small Business Funding

If you're based in Minnesota, then you have a lot to be happy about. A few quick facts: Minnesota was recently ranked the #1 happiest state in the country. That's saying a great deal! In 2018, CBS rated Minnesota #6 as far as the top states in which to do business and fifth when it comes to technology in the workplace. With robust and groundbreaking industries leading the way in Minnesota to include bioscience and wind power, the state is poised to ascend up the ranks even higher.

At First Union, we've worked with companies based in Minneapolis, Duluth and St. Paul to name a few. For us, it's about helping smaller businesses grow, allowing them to take advantage of Minnesota's welcoming business climate, and even enabling them to achieve their dreams of new office space, more equipment or a larger number of employees. If this sounds like what you want for your Minnesota company, then you've come to the right place!

We Finance Minnesota Based Businesses

As a small company, odds are at one point you may need a loan—for whatever reason, be it a new product launch, technology updates, even just to weather the storm. The problem, however, comes with trying to get a loan from a bank. Their stringent standards make it nearly impossible for smaller Minnesota companies.

This is where we come in! We look beyond the credit score, we look beyond time in business and even beyond annual revenue. We look at what you bring to the table, what your plans are, and what you mean to the Minnesota economy as a whole. In other words, we seek to paint the entire picture before deciding whether or not you qualify for a merchant cash advance, short term loan or equipment loan. Some Minnesota companies receive the money in as little as two days upon qualification.

When You Need a Loan in Minnesota…

Wherever you're based, we'd be more than happy to discuss your situation and see exactly how we can help:

  • Minneapolis
  • Duluth
  • St. Paul
  • St. Cloud
  • Mankato
  • Edina
  • Maple Grove
  • And so many more… call today!

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