Marketing and Advertising loans

Marketing and Advertising loans

Getting a Marketing and Advertising Loan

Are you being seen? Really seen—and by enough people. In today’s world, the marketplace is crowded. It’s about establishing your brand and then promoting that brand so that potential customers get the message loud and clear. If you aren’t dedicating the right amount of time, energy and money to your marketing efforts, then you could very well be sabotaging your company’s future.

To do marketing and advertising the right way—effectively—you need the funds to back it up. Whether that means revamping a website, establishing a social media campaign, creating marketing materials, going to trade shows, whatever the strategy, it is going to require money.

Marketing and Advertising that Make Sense

Maybe your business is lacking an app. Did you know that a recent study conducted suggested that companies with an app tend to succeed at an astonishing 70% when compared with those that don’t? Apps can cost quite a bit to develop, but if it means the difference between success and failure for your company.

What about your current website? Do you have a website? Again, those firms who take the time to build a professional site, reap the rewards.
Evaluate your online presence in general. Could it benefit from a significant overhaul? If you find yourself answering yes, then it is probably time to look into a loan program that will get you those much-needed advertising dollars.

First Union offers a variety of products, from merchant cash advances to small business loans and lines of credit, we can help you bolster your marketing efforts and thus get your business out there.

Where is the ROI when it comes to the money that you do put into your marketing and advertising? How about:

• More customers
• You can test new products
• Hire an agency specializing in marketing
• Give yourself an advantage over your competitors.

These are just a few. Marketing and advertising are necessary for your growth and your company’s future! We provide a fast and easy application process and sometimes funding in as little as two days. Our goal is to help you thrive. Give us a call today and let’s rev up your marketing initiatives.

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