Louisiana Small Business Financing

Louisiana Small Business Financing

Let's look for a moment at all of the great things about the Louisiana business climate: in 2018, the state of Louisiana was ranked in the top ten for job creation and business environment. In the past two years, Louisiana has brought in over 100 new economic development projects. Not to mention, in the southern part of the US, they are ranked number two overall for economic progress. Not too shabby. For those who live and work in Louisiana, the prospects could not be better.

At First Union we've dealt with many small Louisiana businesses. From New Orleans to Lafayette, we've helped companies grow, we've watched them thrive, and we've given them the financing to engage in new projects, buy new office space, and purchase more equipment. How does the saying go…you need money to make money?

Trying to Find a Business Loan In Louisiana Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

Banks, however, can add a great deal of stress to the process. First off, they are weighing FICO scores heavier and heavier all the time, which means if yours is less than stellar, you may hit a giant wall when it comes to qualifying. They are also demanding collateral and some businesses simply don't have it. This is why searching for an alternative lender familiar with the Louisiana landscape simply makes sense.

This is what we do: help small Louisiana companies thrive. If you have a bad credit score that does not necessarily disqualify you; same with collateral, no collateral, it's okay as we take everything into consideration. The entire picture of who you are and what value your business brings to the state of Louisiana. With loan products ranging from 5k to 1 million, we can definitely get you money for whatever reason you may need it.

Wherever Your Louisiana Business Is Based, We Can Help

We've worked with companies all across the state of Louisiana, to include:

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