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According to recent rankings, Louisiana has emerged as one of the top ten states in which to do business. More specifically, New Orleans seems to be a hub of commerce and industry as small business owners flock to the city. What can New Orleans, LA offer an entrepreneur…How about the fact that it’s in the top five percent when it comes to job creation. Not to mention, the Big Easy has become synonymous with being something of an incubator for startups. NOLA was rated #9 in the US as far as having the lowest cost when it comes to starting a new business.

Plus, it’s New Orleans after all. From the French Quarter to the Garden District, tourists flock here annually whether it be to join in the biggest Mardi Gras party in the country or to enjoy jazz and blues down on Bourbon Street; you simply can’t beat the energy and the overall vibe of this city. For quick funding, you can apply online today!

If you’re a resident or just visiting, New Orleans, Louisiana offers plenty for you to do and see. The French Quarter, of course, is rife with history and entertainment, while the more adventurous might also want to check out the Bayou surrounding the city.

As a business owner in New Orleans, you have an incredible opportunity right now to grow your company. Louisiana’s economy is hot—one of the hottest in the US. After Katrina, the city did an unbelievable job of bouncing back, in a big way. Now’s your chance to make your business a standout. And our loan agency serving New Orleans is here to help!

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Many of our clients come to us after having been turned down by a bank. Why were they turned down? It could be that their FICO was too low, they didn’t have enough of a deposit, they hadn’t been in business long enough. We’ve had the privilege of working with numerous New Orleans and Louisiana based companies, and what we’ve discovered is that every single one of them is unique. It is this uniqueness that attracts us to your business model. Maybe you’re in construction, perhaps you have a medical office, maybe you own a NOLA restaurant—whatever the industry, we have a funding program to suit your needs. You can apply online and one of our advisors will reach out to you!

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Finding Funding in the Big Easy: Helping New Orleans Businesses

That’s the thing, we approach every single client on a case by case basis—there’s no one size fits all approach. From Uptown to the suburb of Covington, we evaluate the applications we receive with an eye on the bigger picture; in other words, where is your business headed and how consequently, can it help the thriving New Orleans economy?

After reviewing a comprehensive picture of your small business, we then make our decision. And that’s the other thing, we won’t leave you hanging for weeks or months.

You simply fill out an online application, send in some basic documentation and that’s all there is to it. Most of our customers receive a decision in a few hours and you could be funded on the same day. First Union Lending provides New Orleans, LA companies with short term loans, lines of credit, SBA loans, long term loans, commercial property loans, debt consolidation, bridge loans, credit card processing, health care provider loans, equipment financing, and invoice factoring—you name it, we have a program that’ll work for what you need.

If you are considering buying new equipment, hiring more personnel, even moving into bigger office space, we can help. Plus, we’ll provide you with a dedicated advisor to make the process even easier. We would love to see your Louisiana business thrive—it’s why we do what we do. Let’s discuss your options or to make it easier, fill out an online application and we will contact you!

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