Jobs in IT Offer the Best Work/Life Balance

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Jobs in IT Offer the Best Work/Life Balance

That worklife balance, we all strive for it, we all desperately want to have a life outside of our work, and yet we want to be happy in our career as well. This is where that elusive worklife balance comes in. Researchers found that those who felt that they had come closest to achieving this balance had jobs in IT. Many in the IT field when asked said that their career did indeed offer that perfect blend. And here is why…

Flexible Schedules

Yes, there may be some more traditional IT-based jobs that do require that 9 to 5 schedule. However, that said, there are numerous jobs in this field where IT professionals make their hours essentially. More and more companies are outsourcing a lot of their IT functions to freelance workers. If you do have your own IT freelance company, you, therefore, have the flexibility of scheduling out how and when you work for certain clients.

There is an increasing shift within the tech industry for people to work smarter—not harder. This generally means fewer hours, more flexible schedules overall, and a certain level of autonomy. The thinking is that left to work on projects independently, people will be more driven to deliver faster and provide higher quality work. And as long as you do deliver, this also means you may be getting more paid time off in the long run than you would in some other industries.

Few On-Call Hours

Certain jobs related to computer-oriented work do require people to be on call. For example, if you're working in network security, you may have to be on call throughout the night, at any given moment responding to a breach or security threat. This isn't true though of all IT jobs. Numerous such jobs require very few on-call hours. Web design and development is a good example. You don't always have to be tied to your phone and you get plenty of downtime to spend with family and friends.

Keeps People on Their Toes

You might be under the assumption that most IT jobs are in fact desk jobs—this isn't necessarily the case. There are such jobs that do allow for a fair amount of travel. And still, there are other IT related roles in which you move around the workplace environment pretty much all day as you assist co-workers with any issues they may be experiencing. Of course, there is the option of working from a standing desk as well. So no, it isn't just a day-long desk job.

Can Almost Always Work Remotely

Many business owners understand that people simply don't like to be cooped up in their offices all day long. And given the events of the past few months, the remote work movement has certainly caught on. Even the biggest name companies such as Apple and Amazon have ample work from home opportunities, within the IT field especially.

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