Is It Time for a New Company Website?

Is It Time for a New Company Website?

The website is your calling card. Nowadays, there is rarely a company out there who does not have an online presence via their website. But how old is that site? Is it still serving you as it needs to? Is it responsive—what does "responsive" even mean? Just like everything else, websites change with the times—this is inevitable. And a site that is ten, fifteen years old probably has seen better days in a manner of speaking. Keep reading to find out if your business's website is in need of a major update…

  • Is it responsive? Basically, this means across all channels. Over 50% of users access a site first with their phones—that's too large a number to ignore. If your web design isn't appearing as it should on mobile devices and worse, doesn't function correctly, then you most definitely need a change.

  • How is it ranking? Certainly coming up at the top of the search engine list isn't necessarily the end all and the be all, but it is important to rank. Have proper SEO techniques and strategies been implemented within your site design/content/layout?

  • Is it slow? Especially if yours was designed eons ago, there's a chance that upon loading, the site may be a bit sluggish. And what this equates to is annoyed users clicking off immediately. You want that site to load quickly and efficiently from any device.

  • Is it dated? Look at the colors, the images used, the layout of the overall site. Does it, in fact, look like one that was designed back in the early days of the internet. Review competitors' sites and see what some of the new trends might be when it comes to a relevant web presence—how does your stack up?

At First Union, we definitely understand the importance of a dynamic and effective website. Yes, professionally done sites cost money, but in the end, it benefits your business—big time. We'd love to discuss helping you get the cash you need for a world-class website that will help drive more business and allow your company to thrive. Call today!

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