In A Tough Market: How Do You Get (and Keep/) Top Talent

In A Tough Market: How Do You Get (and Keep/) Top Talent

Even the biggest companies, names like Google and Amazon, have to fight for top talent. And so how in the world can smaller businesses compete? It would seem a daunting prospect…Figure out a way to entice and recruit high caliber candidates and yet do so without necessarily being able to offer what some of the larger companies can. In some ways, it is about your approach when it comes to attracting the best of the best.

Does Location Matter?

The short answer is yes, but not necessarily like you may think You don't have to be headquartered in a major city to get premium job candidates. Whether you're on the east or west coast, it's going to come down to your company culture, how you nurture talent and ultimately, what kind of lifestyle they can expect wherever the location. Some cities are growing increasingly popular with younger generations because they're highly livable and offer a more affordable option than some of the premier cities. You're not looking for hundreds of top tier employees, just a handful of dedicated, dynamic individuals who believe in what you do.

It Starts with Leadership

Strong leadership is the backbone of the company. If the leading style of a firm's owner is lacking, inevitably that company is bound to fall apart. A good leader sets the tone, they design the company culture, and it is their innate energy and vision that does attract top talent. Perhaps most importantly, a leader inspires the team to work together in the best interests of the company. Creating an environment in which teamwork is pivotal will most definitely help you to attract the kinds of candidates who share this mindset.

Staying Flexible

The attitude of today's employees is quite different from what it was even just ten years ago. Yes, they want to work, but more and more they want to do so on their terms—meaning, they want that worklife balance, they want to see work from home options, they want opportunities for greater collaboration. It's more about believing in their ability and trusting them to get the job done than it is about subscribing to stringent 9 to 5 ways.

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