How to Work From Home for the Short Term Amid Covid-19

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How to Work From Home for the Short Term Amid Covid-19

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Many people today are working from home for the first time in their lives, and not because of changes in the workforce. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing offices around the country to move to work from home model, on short notice. A position that was previously thought to be strictly in-office is having to adjust or fall by the wayside for the foreseeable months. Global companies like Google and Microsoft have already moved to mandatory work from home. So here is a basic guide if you are one of the many people working from home for the first time:

Constant communication

Staying in communication with your boss, employees and coworkers is the number one way to keep each other accountable and stay on task. Start the day with everyone convening in a video call, or phone call. This can be done easily on platforms like Zoom. Having a morning chat is a great way for everyone to feel a little normalcy and get on the same page. If you are used to being near your boss, coworkers, or employees you could easily experience a communication break if you do not put the effort in. Remember to reach out to each other regularly.


It can be detrimental to the entire process if someone doesn't know what is expected of them. Your office needs to be able to operate like a well-oiled machine. That responsibility falls on the leader to delegate tasks and layout expectations. This keeps everyone working towards a goal and not just counting the hours. It is best to set up daily and weekly goals for you and your team. Make sure everyone is on the same page of what is expected of them and maximize the work effort.

Designated Space

It will be much easier to get work done when you have a designated workspace. If you had to move to work from the home situation on short notice, take a moment and assess your home. Try to find somewhere that is quiet, comfortable, and away from distraction. Even if it's not fancy, there needs to be a space in your home that is used exclusively for work. If you live with other people it needs to be clear that you will be left alone when you are in that space. It makes it easier for your brain to compartmentalize and stay focused. If at all possible, set up your workspace away from your bedroom where you sleep. This will help you sleep better at night, knowing you are “away” from work.

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