Giving Your Brand a Needed Facelift

Giving Your Brand a Needed Facelift

When you began your company, of course, you dove right in and created an overall appearance/color scheme, designed a shiny new logo, came up with a killer tagline, the whole nine yards. You branded your baby and to date, it has served you well. How about though, when that brand no longer functions as it should? How about when that brand becomes outdated? Irrelevant? Not competitive enough?

Every company is going to experience a shift in identity, from the very large companies to smaller organizations. Things change, this goes without saying; as such there will come a time when your brand needs to change with it. Our team has worked with hundreds of companies and in many instances, we have in fact seen businesses faced with this task of rebranding in order to stay competitive. Below are a few things to consider when thinking about a brand "facelift."

Color is key. Colors do reflect the time period. Maybe back in the early 90s when you began your company there was a distinctive color palette suggested in order for you to make the biggest splash. Now, in this digital day and age, ideas about effective color schemes have certainly changed. Look at your company colors, could they use a modern update?

Revisit your company and vision and mission. Odds are, when starting out, two of the first things you came up with were your vision and mission statements. Ten, even five years later, those have probably changed some, or possibly quite a lot. Time to revisit these.

Get a professional evaluation of your logo. We understand that a logo is special, we become attached to our company logo. Maybe though, it is finally time to let it go. What was popular in logo design fifteen years ago may seem like a relic now. Have a graphic design and/or marketing firm take a look at your current logo; they can offer great insights as far as a dynamic new direction.

Rebranding, or even just freshening up that brand takes money. This is where we can help. At First Union, we offer business loan products, you can qualify for funding in order to undergo a rebranding initiative. Call today and see how we can help you!

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