Business Marketing and Advertising Loans For Businesses

Business Marketing and Advertising Loans For Businesses

Do You Need a Loan For Marketing and Advertising?

While many small businesses are focused on purchasing equipment, technology, new office space, hiring on personnel, the amount they allocate to marketing and advertising often gets overlooked. Think about it though, if no one sees your business if no one knows it’s there, then what type of future does your firm truly have.

The term branding has become incredibly important as of late because this is in fact what people take away, it is what they remember about who you are and what you do. So where do your current branding efforts stand?

Marketing and advertising help to develop, promote and foster that brand as more and more clientele are directed to your site, your social media feeds, and any other collateral marketing materials. However, to do it right, you need to invest in it; meaning, you have to put some money toward marketing initiatives. Otherwise, your brand remains invisible. This is where First Union comes in.

What Can You Utilize a Marketing Loan For?

Customers with whom we’ve worked have found that marketing loans do have the ability to jumpstart their company in new and dynamic ways. You might use the money for any of the following:

  • Mobile app development - In this day and age, numerous companies are taking advantage of the increased business that an app helps draw in.
  • Website updates - Is your site professional looking? Is it easy to use and e-commerce friendly?
  • Launching a new product - With any new product launch, you want ample promotional efforts in place.
  • Radio/TV spots - Old school marketing is still essential. By accessing radio and TV channels, you help get that brand out there!

What Types of Financial Solutions Can First Union Offer Your Business?

With a streamlined application process and loan products ranging from 5k to 1 million, we are flexible, fast and efficient when it comes to getting you the funds you need. Some clients get funded in as little as two business days! If you need to increase your marketing budget, we encourage you to contact us today to see what First Union Lending can do for you.

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