5 Ways to Integrate Text Messages into Your Business

5 Ways to Integrate Text Messages into Your Business

So why should you integrate text messaging into your business plan…Whether for communication's sake or to launch a mobile marketing campaign, your business cannot afford to overlook the importance of text messaging when it comes to day-to-day operations. Among how you might work with text messages: to send alerts, offer directed content, announce promotions, and send coupons. Below are five things your company can do to implement more effective text messaging strategies.

1. Send Out Customer Communications

By opting in, customers are saying that yes, they want to see what you have to offer, they want to be notified of upcoming specials, and they want to remain in contact with your company more easily and efficiently. Consider that texts have a nearly 100% open rate, whereas emails hover somewhere around twenty percent.

2. Provide Reminders

If you have a business in which your clientele books appointments, then providing reminders via SMS should be a part of your protocol. This way customers have that reminder right with them; they can more easily put it into their calendar, not to mention, studies have shown that cancellation rates are much lower when text message reminders are sent.

3. Follow Up To Website Inquiry

Many people opt-in through a website or landing page. By immediately following up with a text message, you, help to personalize the experience, plus, you open a new line of communication with a potential client.

4. Send Out Coupons

People love deals! And given that ninety percent of people who receive texts open them almost immediately, sending a coupon is bound to catch their eye. If you're having a sale, or if you're offering a limited promotion, when you announce this through a text, you also help create an aura of urgency around that particular deal.

5. Introduce New Products

Hand in hand with promoting specials and sending coupons is the announcement of new products. Surveys have revealed that prospects sent SMS messages to tend to be forty percent more likely to buy. And so when it comes to launching a new line or product, this is a definite bonus.

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