5 Effective Networking Strategies

5 Effective Networking Strategies

The art of networking is an essential one for any business owner especially. Connections, contacts, references, it's all a part of establishing your professional identity as well as helping to promote the identity of your company. No wonder LinkedIn became such a huge success. Here is networking online, across the globe. You can meet like-minded professionals who may even be in your industry. LinkedIn is only one resource though. There are numerous strategies you can use to help grow your networking base.

  • Look around you. Quite simple really—where do you spend a lot of time? Engaged in what types of activities? Do you belong to any clubs? Take a moment to become aware of what you have available to you right now as far as networking opportunities and take advantage of these.

  • Work on self-improvement. We attract those who in some ways reflect our own energy and ideas. Maybe there are things you can work on, the perspectives you need to polish, perhaps put more time and effort into your work. There is always room for self-improvement.

  • Offer something of value. When meeting new people, being able to share something with them can be a great inroad to a new relationship. Maybe it's an ebook you're putting out; it doesn't have to be tangible either: advice they may need about something within your area of expertise is always valuable.

  • Set a goal. Sometimes people are a bit shy about networking—it's natural. By setting a goal to meet X amount of new people, or to engage a certain executive at another company, you will be more apt to stick to your plan and go after it.

  • Maintain contact. One mistake many professionals make is after establishing a connection, they fail to nurture it. Follow up with an email, even a call perhaps. Business relationships take work, you have to put in the effort.

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