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    Your physical therapy practice depends on patients. When you are able to attract new patients this, of course, is wonderful, but you also want to do your best to retain the patients you have. With FSA’s and certain insurance programs now covering physical therapy costs more and more often, an increasing number of professionals are getting into the field. This means that competition is also increasing. So what steps do you need to take to ensure that your patients stay with you? Below are some patient retention ideas that may just help your physical therapy firm prosper and grow.


    Start with the basics…This may seem a simple strategy but trust us, it works. Great customer service, a positive attitude, addressing client concerns honestly and wholeheartedly, and managing expectations right from the very beginning—these are all invaluable tools in your quest to keep the patients you have.

    Take advantage of social media…Patients want to know that their healthcare providers do in fact have an online presence. You also need to use social media accounts to stay on top of reviews—even devoted clients may think twice if they read a couple of negative ratings.

    Look for signs that they may be getting ready to bail…If you notice a patient’s behavior starts to change, that they seem more distant and less interested, then it’s time to take the bull by the horns in a manner of speaking and address the potential issue that might be lingering. Don’t just wait for them to stop coming altogether. Be a good listener.

    Make capital improvements…Upgrading equipment, getting the latest technology and even updating your software systems, not to mention modernizing your office, all make a positive impression upon your clients.


    We’d love to help you in terms of solidifying your patient base as well as attracting new clients. With short term loans, medical financing programs and lines of credit, we have the solution that will work for your physical therapy practice—call today!

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    Are you ready for greatness? First Union Lending is here to help you achieve your financial goals.

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