What is Japan's Big Data Move

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What is Japan's Big Data Move

The Japanese government is currently looking at ways to encourage a more streamlined and larger flow of industrial big data across the country, such that is gathered from companies in a variety of industrial based sectors. Additionally, in working out the rules and regulations attached to this industrial big data collection, the government is also ensuring that this will not be misused in any way and no major breaches subsequently derail their efforts. The goal is to make the process of gathering and exchanging such data as secure as it possibly can be. When dealing with sensitive information like this, most realize that security is paramount, which is why the government is taking such an active role in this particular process.

So why this move on big data and why now? Sources explain that in bringing together such massive amounts of data, Japanese companies hope to be at the forefront when it comes to new technology development and innovation. There will be options for offering consumers more services, more insights, and more personalized solutions in terms of even everyday living.

The official discussion of how this will play out exactly and what rules need to be in place for this big data initiative to happen will occur sometime in July. And it'll be chaired by the Chief Cabinet Secretary. Final decisions regarding the actual measures that will be enacted are expected in the spring of 2021 at which time all guidelines are also expected to be established. Currently, the plan is to have industrial big data gathered from the likes of the automotive industry, healthcare, biotech as well as a handful of other sectors.

In terms of big data outside of the industrial arena, that for instance gathered from social media and the internet, the four biggest companies in that respect are all in the US: Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. There are also quite a few China-based brands that rank highly here as well. Japan, however, is thought to have the edge when it comes to big data about the industrial sector specifically.

Experts say that in sharing industrial data this way, many Japanese companies will experience a renaissance of sorts in terms of how products are manufactured, how risk is analyzed and assessed, not to mention, how new drugs and vaccines are developed and distributed.

Some factories and companies throughout Japan have already started on a trial basis to share their big data. Various urban development projects are now benefitting from the effort. There is some concern when it comes to shared information that competitors will use this in the wrong way and consequently leak vital information. Some are afraid that a competitor with a grudge may use the data negatively and thus mar their reputation. These kinds of concerns are expected to be addressed at length over this next year as Japan prepares to move ahead on their industrial big data plans.

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