What Are The Habits Of The Most Interesting People?

By: First Union


What Are The Habits Of The Most Interesting People?

Some people just capture attention; they're inherently magnetic and just so interesting. But what makes them so? Do you ever wonder what really interesting people do or what they've done to have become so captivating?

Some might say that an interesting person is one who's inordinately curious about the world and the people in it. Others may contend that interesting people are energetic and as such that energy radiates outward. We've compiled a list of some of the habits and traits that seem to be common to incredibly interesting people.

They're passionate. What is that thing about which you're truly passionate? Interesting people often throw themselves into their passions. Some go so far as to take that passion and make it their life's work. Such complete and utter devotion often inspires the same in others.

They embrace their quirks. Eccentricity is not a bad thing some of the most interesting people tend to have quirks that fall outside the "norm." Look at Warren Buffet for instance. He still lives in the same house he purchased back in 1958 for just over thirty thousand dollars. Not what you'd expected, but then again you can't say he's not interesting.

They avoid the bandwagon. Along these same lines, those who tend to be more interesting also generally march to the beat of their drum so to speak. They're not exactly crowd followers—and that is okay. Innovation and individuality are what they're about, not conformity.

They never stop learning. Those who are an interesting look at the world as a playground filled with discoveries and possibilities every day. They may have degrees and a mountain of accomplishments, but at the end of the day, they want to learn more, study harder, question that which may even seem otherwise unquestionable.

You may already possess some of these habits. You probably are already among the "interesting." You may want to try and incorporate more of these into your daily life. The point is the most interesting people go against the grain all the time while staying true to who they are.

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