Communication is probably the most important aspect of any healthy relationship and that includes the work space.  In fact, survey after survey has shown that the most successful companies have employees who feel that they were receiving plenty of information from management. On the other hand, more than 50% of employees don’t feel they receive enough information from management.

In order to be more effective at communicating, you have to first know the right questions. Remember the following guidelines.

  1. No one will fully trust you or tell you the truth unless there is some connection.
  2. Start off with the easy and fast questions.
  3. Be willing to share ideas, stories and communicate visually as well as verbally.
  4. Have empathy, solve problems with emotionally, not just like a business.
  5. Don’t assume anything.

Once you have figured out what questions to ask and how, you can focus on other areas of communication.  Have an open door policy so that team members have easy access to you. Start a weekly newsletter to let employees know what is going on. There are many things you can do in order to help your team feel like part of the team, get creative.

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