The Spiritual Impact of COVID-19

By: First Union


The Spiritual Impact of COVID-19

Of course, we have all dealt with numerous major challenges and issues that have arisen as a result of the pandemic. Physically, the effects are evident. Emotionally as well, many of us, unused to lockdown and prolonged quarantine situations, have experienced a plethora of feelings and responses. Everyone is dealing with the mental effects of the virus in their own way—we are all learning to cope. From turning to positive visualization techniques to getting more exercise, taking up yoga or meditation…these are some of the ways in which people have been trying to remain centered and calm during all of this.

But what about the spiritual impact that COVID-19 is having on people across the globe? Yes, we are finding ways of handling the stress, but on a deeper level, are we being mindful about our spiritual well being as we wait out this pandemic. You can call it whatever you like: soul sickness, existential dread, harboring a weary heart, but there are those sadly who are feeling as though there ultimately is no way out of this.

Some people may think that they are alone in their spiritual depression; they might be wondering what "the point" is, as life can seem so fragile given the current conditions within which we find ourselves. That is what it is so critical to actively take steps to try and improve your spiritual outlook and elevate the state of your soul. A few things that could potentially help, even when it seems darkest:

  • Embrace the idea of your purpose.
  • Spend some quiet time trying to locate that inner peace and feel joyful about it.
  • Love those around you and welcome the feeling of being loved.
  • Be of service to others.
  • Maintain feelings of generosity within your spirit.

This isn't necessarily about a religion or even a definite form of spiritual practice. This is about healing right now when many need it most. Whatever you need to do to feel good and thus gain more stability, a greater sense of control over your life even in the midst of crisis, then that is what you should be consciously practicing on a daily basis. Running away and trying to ignore your spiritual pain is only going to make it even more apparent.

You might even try writing down those things you can do to elevate your outlook. What acts of kindness will you perform today? How can you help someone feel less lonely? How can you show your appreciation for life? The key is not to go into that place of fear and/or panic, but rather step into that realm where you can experience inner peace and happiness.

Every culture has its own key to discovering the secret of joy, that spiritual path toward something better, something greater than oneself. And yet, a common thread throughout most is that the way in which we find peace is to start by first looking within. From the teachings of Christianity to the Indian Vedic traditions, we find similar messages—bliss can be found inside. Your sense of self is what matters, not necessarily those vague abstract universal truths. Your own awareness is what will help lead you to a better spiritual place.

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