The Power of Visualization in Business

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The Power of Visualization in Business

Many people swear by the power of visualization—entrepreneurs especially. And if you ask some of the most successful people they will likely tell you they did indeed visualize their success before it ultimately manifested. It comes down to seeing that image and then believing in it. Positive thinking in tandem with visualization exercises may be what many business owners need right now. Below are a few visualization techniques/tips that just might enable you to realize the company and the career of your dreams…

1. Imagine yourself winning

First off, it is quite simple: see yourself achieving that ultimate goal that you have in mind. Picture yourself victorious in every facet of your workpersonal life. Make an effort to conjure a very detailed image and focus on it. Times may be tough now; you might be contending with some bad experiences, hurdles, even failures. If you dwell on these and aren't able to visualize yourself doing something great instead, they are only apt to drag you down further. Once you can conjure that solid image of you victorious in your mind, this is when you need to connect emotions to the picture. In other words, you've achieved step one, visualizing; step two: how does winning feel? How does being victorious at what you do inspire you? Our emotions are immensely powerful—use them to your advantage in any sort of visualization you do.

2. Use trigger cards

What exactly is a trigger card? Another simple yet highly effective technique. Take a 3 x 5 index card and jot down your goals and dreams—one per card. Do this every day, however many you feel like creating that particular day. And then at night go back and read them. So for instance, one might say: I am going to close a major deal today. Another could read: I am going to forge an invaluable connection. And while not everything on those cards will happen, the very act of writing and then rereading them is powerful in and of itself because it gets you into that place where you start believing that you can attain these goals, and one day you will reach them.

3. Vision boards work

A vision board as most probably understand is essentially like a scrapbook, but this scrapbook represents your dreams, what you hope to achieve in life, where you see your business down the road, what sorts of relationships fill your life. Any of it, all of it. And be sure to place this board somewhere where you can stop and glance at it throughout the day. You will be surprised at how inspiring seeing pictorial representations of your dreams can be; it can stimulate you to keep going, keep striving toward those milestones you set for yourself. You might even post inspirational quotes on your vision board—literal reminders of your innate ability to succeed.

Even during seemingly impossible times such as we have experienced, you can still accomplish your goals, you can still go after those dreams. Remind yourself of this daily. First Union Lending is here to help. If your business needs a cash boost, we have a program for you. Call today!

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