The Impact Of Streaming On TV Markets

By: First Union


The Impact Of Streaming On TV Markets

Over half of adults in the US stream some form of nonlinear content to their televisions and devices. So what impact does this have on local TV markets, if any? Recent studies suggest that despite the enormous popularity of streaming especially in just the past couple of years, television itself still holds the day, with the average person watching TV for approximately 2 and a half hours versus just under one hour of streaming.

So yes, cable and broadcast television is still quite dominant; however, streaming without question, is starting to make a dent. A number of factors figure into the popularity of streaming; everything from the region, the age group, and the available services. For example, in the southern part of the country streaming device ownership far surpasses the rest of the US. Whereas in Austin, TX the streaming conversion rates are among the highest; 76% of adults have streaming devices, and 70% stream content to their television—this equates to a 93% conversion rate.

The streaming market is changing the way in which we understand viewership across the board. Age certainly plays a role in streaming habits. Most are apt to think that younger generations are the ones most readily streaming content to both TVs and devices, and while in part this is true, it's also evident that there are certain markets in which the flip side is true. In various regions of the country the average age of those who are streaming hovers right around fifty. The good thing about streaming services is that we are in fact better able to monitor viewing trends, which is advantageous for local broadcast channels that are trying to remain competitive.

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