States in Which Restaurants Are Allowed to Open: the Details

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States in Which Restaurants Are Allowed to Open: the Details

Many small businesses were hit hard during this pandemic…that goes without saying. But perhaps no industry was crippled by COVID-19 as much as the restaurant industry. Forced to shut their doors, some have been able to survive based on curbside pickup and takeout sales, while others simply were not equipped to tackle a delivery service and thus closed down altogether. As many states start moving toward reopening, restaurant owners are anxious regarding what awaits them. Below is a list of where certain states stand as far as when restaurants can open and under what restrictions.

Where states stand:

Alaska: Can have in-person dining within restaurants.

Texas: As of last Friday, restaurants can open to 25% capacity.

South Carolina: Starting Monday outdoor dining is permitted.

Florida: Can open to 50% capacity.

Tennessee: All can be open, not enforcing limitations.

Oklahoma: Reopened, must following distancing guidelines.

Montana: Started opening Monday with limitations on diner numbers.

Utah: Reopened as of Friday; servers have to wear masks.

Colorado: Reopened as of Monday.

Arkansas: Dining rooms can start reopening next Monday.

Missouri: Has started phased reopenings with distancing requirements.

Alaska: As of April 24, dining services could resume.

Louisiana: Outdoor seating is now allowed.

Indiana: Potentially looking at opening dining rooms next week.

Kansas: Can have dined in service but with social distancing in place.

New Hampshire: Outdoor dining can begin May 18th.

Mississippi: On May 11 restaurants can reopen with 50% capacity.

Wyoming: Some counties offering outdoor dining.

Nebraska: Reopened Monday with limited capacity.

These are where some of the states in the process of reopening currently stand regarding restaurants. There are other states however that are still limiting restaurants to take out service only. And unfortunately, many of these states such as New York and California, for example, aren't 100% certain yet as to when an official reopening will occur as far as dine-in service is concerned.

As restaurant owners do start to open again or are making plans for reopening, it is important to think about how the dynamic will be changed. Consider the following guidelines and recommendations that are being put into place:

  • Social distancing measures should be followed; meaning, groups of 10 or less should be distanced from each other by six feet.
  • There should be no more than ten per group.
  • Staff and servers should be equipped with masks where applicable.
  • All areas of the restaurant need to be deeply cleaned and sanitized regularly.
  • For now, some restaurants should think about switching to single-use place settings.
  • Hand sanitizers should be made available upon entry.
  • Staff should be required to pass a health check.

Yes, the landscape is going to look a bit different. It's about understanding and planning so that when the time does come to reopen, it can be done as seamlessly as possible. If you need additional cash to get your restaurant up and running again, First Union Lending can help. Call today!

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