Some of the Worst Business Advice Given to CEOs

Some of the Worst Business Advice Given to CEOs

People are certainly quick to offer advice—especially to those considering starting their own business. And while much of it may be well-meaning, you do need to stop and question whether or not the advice will help put you on the path to success, or whether it could just slow you down. Below are four pieces of well-meaning of advice, that according to some of the world’s top business minds, might not be worth taking.

1. Fake it till you make it

Essentially, whoever tells you to fake it till you make it, is someone you probably don’t want to listen to. Yes, there is some degree of learning on the job involved, but by adopting this strategy you’re not truly learning anything; you’re not creating anything of value. And then what happens is we have a culture of people positioning themselves as leaders and influencers and yet they’ve done nothing to earn such a title.

2. Play it Safe

There is something to be said for having a job lined up that pays the bills and offers security. And most parents will probably push their children to, in fact, go after that “safe” career. However, in today’s constantly evolving job world, there really are no wholly safe jobs. And if you’re hampered doing something you don’t like just because it was safe, you’ll have a tougher time getting out of this rut in order to go after your passion.

3. Try and be realistic

It’s not bad to try a number of things simultaneously. In business especially, it never hurts to be a bit of a rule breaker. Look at some of the most disruptive companies on the planet—they were all for the most part rule breakers. Uber wouldn’t be Uber if the founders hadn’t thought outside of the box. Vision is just as important (if not more so/) than sticking by what might be deemed “realistic.”

4. Save for a rainy day

Building a strong business means investing in that business. Putting away all of your money for that rainy day is not going to get you ahead. This starts with a firm belief in what you’re doing and where your business is heading. And while yes, putting that money back into your business may be a risk—if you believe in it, then it very well could be a risk worth taking.

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