Small Businesses Should Participate in Charitable Giving

Small Businesses Should Participate in Charitable Giving

It goes without saying that giving to a charitable cause is a wonderful and worthwhile thing to do. You have the opportunity to help, to give back and to participate in something that brings value to others' lives. In terms of small businesses, giving to charity isn't merely something you should consider in passing, but that which your company really must start doing now. Regardless of how small you may be, donating to a charitable cause will only be beneficial in the long run.

So why exactly should you participate in charitable giving…

  • You foster a sense of goodwill. This is perhaps the primary reason why businesses give to charity. Yearly, companies donate nearly 20 billion to charitable foundations and causes. Such organizations rely heavily on money from businesses—big and small alike. If you find a cause relevant to your industry, all the better.

  • Promote your brand. Giving to charity can be a promotional boost. Especially again, if you find an organization affiliated with your field, then potential customers, appreciative of your generous donations, may start patronizing your business.

  • Create a greater team spirit. Getting employees involved with charitable giving, will help establish a reinvigorated dynamic. People like to give back, they like to get involved and they like to know that they are helping. Helping together will only strengthen that team bond.

  • Invest in your community. For smaller companies starting at the community, level makes the most sense. You not only interact with those local to your business, but you genuinely have a chance to make a difference.

Giving back can only help your company—in more ways than one. And we can help your company in other ways. First Union specializes in working with small businesses for whatever project they are thinking about undertaking. With lines of credit, equipment financing and bridge loans, we have resources at our disposal that will allow you to thrive and grow. Call today!

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