Setting Goals For Your Week

Setting Goals For Your Week

From a personal perspective, goal setting is relatively easy. It's something we all tend to do at one point or another, whether on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Things like: get in shape, make smarter eating choices, save more money. The idea is to help us be a better version of ourselves. What about your business goals though? Have you stopped to consider what sorts of goals and objectives you want to accomplish this week? Have you given serious thought on how to approach achieving the goals that you do in fact set for your company?

The key—especially when looking at your business's weekly goals—is to keep them manageable. Certainly, a goal such as striving to bring in X amount of revenue for the year is important, but what we're looking at here are more immediate goals, those which are on your company radar in the short-term and can thus have an impact now.

Some examples of goals you might set for the week:

  • Focus on fostering better customer relations. Yes, of course, this needs to be an ongoing endeavor; however, this week what things can you do, what specific initiatives can you implement that will enhance at least one aspect of the way in which you deal with customers?

  • Add to your company blog/social media presence. Many businesses have a blog as well as a FB page, an Instagram feed, but are they maintaining it as it needs to be maintained? Make a conscious effort in the immediate future to tend to these online channels.

  • Gather and address employee feedback. Your employees are the backbone of your company; they are daily in the trenches in a manner of speaking. Getting their opinion and honestly listening to and integrating their feedback into your daily operations can be a boon to your business.

  • Plan for slower times. Every company experiences downturns now and again—the question is, are you prepared? That is one thing you can put on your "goal list" this week. Know your options, know where money might be available to you should you have to weather a storm.

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