Self Care Is So Important To Small Business Success

By: First Union


Self Care Is So Important To Small Business Success

We are all undergoing some difficulties and hardships. Small business owners right now are probably among the most stressed; it is certainly understandable. That said, as a small business owner, it is also incredibly important for you to make time for yourself, care for yourself, keep your health in check, while not letting the stress get the better of you. Historically it has been shown time and time again that those entrepreneurs who proactively take time for self-care tend to be more successful overall. We wanted to offer a few tips and suggestions regarding the best things you can do for yourself (and in the process for the betterment of your business/) even amid a crisis.

Take a Break

As the US starts to reopen, more and more business owners are likely finding themselves working even longer hours than they were before all of this just to try and make ends meet in these potentially rocky early phases. On average, during a "normal" year, a business owner typically works 9+ hours days and nearly fifty-percent say they also work the weekends. Yet, putting in too many hours and not taking time for self-care is not only eventually going to lead to burn out, but you simply can't be as effective as you otherwise would.

Exercise is one of the top stress-busters out there. From simply taking a walk to joining a yoga class, whatever you opt to do by way of working out will help! And of course, getting too few hours of sleep can lead to lost focus, diminished productivity, and flawed judgment. Feeling refreshed after a good night's sleep can go a surprisingly long way toward making you a better and more capable leader at work. Just be sure to take some breaks regularly.

Make Connections

Now that things are starting to reopen and restrictions across the country are being gradually lifted, this may be a good time to make connections with other business owners in your community or even nationally who are experiencing some of the same things that you are. We have heard the phrase "we are in this together" repeatedly over the past couple months, and for good reason. You are not alone as you work to get your small business back up and running. That said if you do feel isolated because, for instance, you're a solopreneur working long hours, then taking the initiative to connect with others in your field can help. Ask for advice, bounce ideas off each other, or simply take a little time to chat about your respective experiences. Connecting to people not only helps you to feel less alone but can also better prepare you to address your specific challenges.

Approach the Way You Work Differently

We're sure many have heard the phrase "work smarter not harder." It resonates for a reason. The way to do this…Take some time and plan your day out ahead so that you're not scrambling to play catch up. When do you function best? What tasks can you handle when? And don't hesitate to disconnect from distractions when you need to. Sometimes the only way to truly focus is to turn off that phone and step away from the emails.

At First Union Lending, we certainly understand the challenges of running a small business, especially now. If you need additional capital for whatever reason, we can help. Call today!

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