Reasons for Rebranding Your Business

Reasons for Rebranding Your Business

The concept of rebranding is an important one for every company to consider at one point or another. Yes, your logo, color palette, messaging might be working for you, but perhaps you're also a bit too attached to it and thus can't see that maybe it is getting a bit stale. Or, there's also the fact that you might be looking to expand and broaden into new markets—this could be a great opportunity to think about rebranding your business.

There are primarily two types of rebranding: reactive and proactive. Reactive rebranding is when you need to rebrand in order to address a specific situation. For instance, your company may have been involved in some sort of legal issue, or you're potentially receiving negative publicity that is seriously hurting the business. In this case, what you're primarily after is a fresh start. Everything from the color scheme to the logo stands to gain a complete overhaul. When trying to remove yourself from a bad situation, you want to give consumers a new image, one they can refocus on and stand behind.

With the proactive rebranding, you're essentially undertaking a rebranding effort to announce something new and major about the business. Maybe you're launching a totally new line, trying to appeal to a new demographic or opening a new location. It can be for any number of reasons—much as with reactive rebranding, you're still trying to get audiences to see your company in something of a different and exciting light.

If you are in the process of undergoing a rebranding and realize that you're short of the cash required to revamp all of your marketing materials, we'd be more than happy to sit down with you and explore your options. From lines of credit to merchant cash advances, we have numerous loan products that could definitely help. Call today to see what we can do for you!

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